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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Mod Apk 6.6.0 [Full]

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Mod Apk 6.6.0 [Full]

uploaded by hello mod

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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Mod Apk:

  • - Version: 6.6.0
  • - Size: 99.25 MB
  • - Price: Free
  • - Root needed: No Need
  • - Offers In-App Purchase: No
  • - Price: Free

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Mod Apk 6.6.0 [Full] Features:

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Mod Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen 6.6.0 Mod (full version) Features:

full version

ALSO FEATURES Designed focusing on dressing up, with high image quality and interesting game-play. Bringing stereoscopic gaming experience to you. Interesting story-lineThe protagonist Nikki will embark on a magical journey across seven nations with different designing styles, and develop various stories with designers and stylists from these seven countries. With nearly 300,000 words'dialogues and descriptions, the plot is comparable to that of a novel! Tens of thousands gorgeous outfitsDaily fashion, European style, antique beauty, dream-like fairy tales, neutral handsome, futuristic sci-fi…Almost all dressing styles are covered. Players can collect new outfits and enrich their own closets by completing in-game tasks every day. Supported by a fantastic artists' team, we consistently add new outfits on a monthly basis, making sure that the game keeps up with new trends. Hundreds of different styles for free designIn our free design mode, players can freely style and design outfits, hairstyles, makeup, accessories and even change the backgrounds and layouts based on their own preferences. Personally tailoredBy collecting different colored dyes, players can freely change the color of their clothing. By collecting outfits patterns and decomposing redundant outfits, players can personally customize clothes and upgrade simple clothing into more elegant and fashionable outfits.Designer dress up battlePlayers can compete and battle against designers from all over the world under different dress up themes. More than ten different 'abilities' can be used in dress up battles. Use your 'abilities' at the right moment to turn the tide! Playing with your friendsPlayers can play the game with their Facebook friends. You can also make new friends by joining in various in-game activities. Facebook Fan-pageFollow us - Love Nikki - on Facebook and you can regularly receive free game benefits. There're also many interesting online and offline activities on a daily basis waiting for your participation.Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveNikkiGameOur Service mailbox: [email protected]

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Full Specifications

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Size 99.2MB
Version 6.6.0
Version Code 66000
Lang af am ar az be bg bn bs ca cs da de el el-GR en-AU en-CA en-GB en-IN en-XC es es-ES es-US et eu fa fi fr fr-CA gl gu hi hr hu hy id in in-ID is it iw ja ka kk km kn ko ky lo lt lv mk ml mn mr ms my nb ne nl pa pl pt pt-BR pt-PT ro ru si sk sl sq sr sr-Latn sv sv-SE sw ta te th tl tr uk ur uz vi zh-CN zh-HK zh-TW zu
Permission Text OTHER:
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state.
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows an application to write to external storage.
Allows an application to read from external storage.
Required to be able to access the camera device.

Operation Systems

Min Sdk 18
Min Sdk Txt Android 4.3 (JELLY_BEAN_MR2)
Target Sdk 29
Target Sdk Txt 29
Multi Window No
Supports Screens small, normal, large, xlarge
Cpu arm64-v8a armeabi-v7a
Open Gl Int 0
Supports Any Density Yes
Densities 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640

User Features

Uses Feature Wi-Fi hardware features:
The app uses 802.11 networking (Wi-Fi) features on the device.
Uses Not Feature Camera hardware features:
The app uses the device's back-facing camera. Devices with only a front-facing camera do not list this feature, so use the android.hardware.camera.any feature instead if your app can communicate with any camera, regardless of which direction the camera faces.
The app uses the autofocus feature that the device's camera supports.
The app uses the device's front-facing camera.
Uses implied Feature The app requires the device to use the portrait or landscape orientation. If your app supports both orientations, then you don't need to declare either feature.#The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.#The app uses 802.11 networking (Wi-Fi) features on the device.#:


Md5 E242AA4BC5AA8FE8507DD4611FB8C567
Signature 47BE969FFD58BFD5EF476E422C315BB5E494E0FD
Sha256 81755520ED966C490EB08BAB4018A1B3B298DE7EF897EB4A0BE668BA466BE7E4
Valid From Wed Jan 21 04:38:42 CET 2015 until: Sat Sep 22 05:38:42 CEST 2514
Serial Number 260563db


Developer pape
Ou pape
Organization pape";i:5;s:32:"Issuer: CN=pape
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  • countries: ID  os: android 10   device: SM-A107F

    2021-02-22 22:12:40version:6.6.0

    nothing mod. This is real apk:(

  • countries: ID  os: android 9   device: vivo 1902

    2021-02-20 20:43:18version:6.6.0

    please make the mod because it's really hard to get money and other things if we're rich please make the mod

  • countries: RU  os: android 10   device: MAR-LX1B

    2021-02-20 07:40:18version:6.6.0

    Мод не работает Увы и ах

  • countries: AE  os: android 10   device: SM-J400F

    2021-02-17 14:42:45version:6.6.0

    Do not let me into the game, why?

  • countries: US  os: android 10   device: SM-A207M

    2021-02-16 18:21:26version:6.6.0

    no entiendo a que se refiere con "completo", no cambia en nada>:(

  • countries: ID  os: android 10   device: SM-M205G

    2021-02-10 20:23:45

    like good saya suka sekali

  • countries: ID  os: android 10   device: SM-M205G

    2021-02-10 19:54:57version:6.6.0

    gimna cara dapa MOD apk unlimited coin dan diamond

  • countries: CA  os: android 9   device: SM-G950W

    2021-02-09 13:51:26version:6.6.0

    downloaded the app but it's the original version not a mod.

  • countries: US  os: android 6.0.1   device: SM-N910C

    2021-02-08 21:22:41version:6.6.0

    Doesn't work? Is it just me or what?

  • countries: ES  os: android 10   device: KOB2-W09

    2021-01-30 13:47:09version:6.5.5

    Please put an infinite money mod and infinite gems and if you can infinite hearts / Porfavor pongan un mod de dinero infinito y gemas infinitas, y si se puede corazones infinitos :'c

  • countries: JP  os: android 9   device: AMN-LX9

    2021-01-30 01:11:18version:6.5.5

    It's not working Please make it work

  • countries: GB  os: android 9   device: KFMUWI

    2021-01-29 23:18:32version:6.5.5

    It doesn't download jekwkwjwjkwjnebsn sbw

  • countries: BR  os: android 10   device: Redmi Note 8

    2021-01-27 21:35:00version:6.5.5

    need unlimited gems and gold plsss

  • countries: GB  os: android 10   device: RMX2001

    2021-01-27 04:28:05version:6.5.5

    it didn't work at all

  • countries: US  os: android 10   device: SM-A305F

    2021-01-26 22:15:25version:6.5.5

    not working at all! cuma ngabisin kuota buat download aja.aisshhhhj

  • countries: US  os: android 5.1.1   device: SM-T280

    2021-01-26 12:43:26version:6.5.5

    it's not workingggggggg

  • countries: US  os: android 10   device: moto g stylus

    2021-01-26 03:33:52version:6.5.5

    didn't work at allllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • countries: TR  os: android 4.4.4   device: SM-T113

    2021-01-07 19:09:37

    harika bir oyonnnnnnnnn

  • countries: AE  os: android 5.1.1   device: SM-J200H

    2021-01-04 07:07:16


  • countries: US  os: android 5.1.1   device: A37f

    2020-11-29 23:58:33

    9999999 Haggai

  • user:POPD55  countries: US   os: android 9   device: samsung SM-G960U

    2021-02-24 07:48:28

    plzzzz nodded moddddd I neeee ittt ultimate coins and diamonds plzzzz

  • user:lamar3715  countries: SA   os: android 7.0   device: HUAWEI KOB-L09

    2021-02-22 19:02:36

    Can you add a lot of coins to this game and thanks for reading

  • user:midmidmid  countries: ES   os: android 8.1.0   device: samsung SM-T580

    2021-02-22 07:58:35

    unlimited coins and money plssss 900000000. it's really hard to get money

  • user:tiffyx  countries: GB   os: android 10   device: HUAWEI HMA-L29

    2021-02-19 20:27:21

    please please make my life easier!! have been looking for so long for a Mod APK with unlimited access of everything that works!!!

  • user:DarkArchimedes402  countries: US   os: android 5.1   device: OPPO X9009

    2021-02-18 20:34:20

    Can you please add a mod with unlimited currencies

  • user:jhopee  countries: TR   os: android 10   device: HUAWEI STK-LX1

    2021-02-18 07:01:26

    Kilitli olan hersey ücretsiz ve sınırsız elmas bütün bölümler açık olsun lütfen All unlimited diamonds and all locked Level get on please

  • user:luxxxury  countries: BR   os: android 9   device: motorola moto g(7) play

    2021-02-16 17:39:37

    ooooo please omg i love this so bad but its CRUEL how difficult stuff is to get it makes me wanna stop playing but i rly love it so infinite money mod pweasey?? private server would be REALLY good

  • user:lolo128  countries: AE   os: android 10   device: samsung SM-A715F

    2021-02-14 00:09:09

    Please hack diamonds And hacking money Please The last version I want is hacked

  • user:makitaki123456  countries: GB   os: android 6.0   device: HUAWEI HUAWEI CRR-L09

    2021-02-10 19:41:23

    Mod please unlimited gems and coins plsssss it would be so cool if u did that

  • user:KatieGa  countries: CA   os: android 9   device: samsung SM-G950W

    2021-02-09 13:52:29

    need a mod for this game because, sadly, there is none available at the moment.

  • user:supya  countries: ID   os: android 8.1.0   device: vivo vivo 1820

    2021-02-07 11:24:02

    bikinin mod unlimited coins sama diamond dong plisssss

  • user:Batatinhapop  countries: BR   os: android 8.0.0   device: samsung SM-J400M

    2021-02-05 23:21:03

    por favor um modo com Dimas e Gold infinito ou pelo menos, uma grande quantia para poder dar um bom avanço no game Aaaa

  • user:abbbbbbbbb  countries: US   os: android 9   device: samsung SM-G950U

    2021-02-03 21:41:29


  • user:shog5555  countries: AE   os: android 10   device: samsung SM-A515F

    2021-01-31 15:53:17

    I want unlimited silver coins and diamonds, Can you make the game open or unlimited, tokons and diamonds?

  • user:Justremmy  countries: GB   os: android 9   device: Amazon KFMUWI

    2021-01-29 22:35:47

    Please make a lot of money and diamonds and stamina

  • user:nrhashem  countries: GB   os: android 10   device: samsung SM-G965F

    2021-01-27 00:49:10


  • user:ilovemehsis  countries: US   os: android 9   device: Amazon KFKAWI

    2021-01-26 07:58:58

    Please Infinity Coins and everything

  • user:HappyBread2908  countries: LV   os: android 10   device: samsung SM-A217F

    2021-01-26 03:32:55

    Pls make unlimited money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] I like this game and would like a mod

  • user:@rama123  countries: AE   os: android 10   device: samsung SM-M317F

    2021-01-25 22:24:21

    اريد تهكير اللعبه والحصول على الكثير من النقود والاشياء

  • user:hisokaisminepurr  countries: US   os: android 10   device: motorola moto g stylus

    2021-01-25 10:00:15

    I love this game. It's very hard to get diamonds. I would love to have this mod.

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