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Eternium Mod Apk 1.5.5 [Unlimited money]

Eternium Mod Apk 1.5.5 [Unlimited money](100% Working, tested!)

uploaded by I am game

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much money

Eternium Mod Apk:

  • - Version: 1.5.5
  • - Size: 104.86 MB
  • - Price: Free
  • - Root needed: No Need
  • - Offers In-App Purchase: No
  • - Price: Free

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Eternium Mod Apk 1.5.5 [Unlimited money]
Eternium Mod Apk 1.5.5 [Unlimited money]

Eternium Mod game is a role-playing game with unlimited coins and gems. In this mod game, you can free to buy and unlock all the items on the shop. With this mod, this game will be easy for you. Enjoy the game!

Sign in social account: Not supported

Game online or offline: Offline

Root Needed?: No

License Needed?: No

Install Steps:
1) Download APK fiel on happymod.com.
2.) Install and Enjoy.

Also read: COC MOD. Mod info: unlimted money and unlimited coins, private server.

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Eternium Mod Apk 1.5.5 [Unlimited money] Features:

Eternium Mod Eternium 1.5.5 Mod much money Features:

much money

Eternium is an amazingly fun and beautifully crafted Action RPG, reminiscent of the great classics.Eternium stands out from other mobile Action RPGs by its effortless “tap to move” and innovative “swipe to cast” controls, and its player-friendly “no paywalls, never pay to win” philosophy.With the exception of a couple of online-only features, the game can also be played offline after the content download completes.Drawing signs to cast spells is easy and rewarding. The tap-to-move control is more natural and relaxing than thumbsticks, and it’s also truer to the vintage point-and-click Action RPG experience.The game can be really played for free, as more than 90% of our players do. Purchases are completely optional. Gems, the game’s main currency, can be collected from enemies and quests. There is no limiting stamina or energy. The best things in the game are obtained by playing, not paying.As of fall 2017, major new features are in advanced stages of development, including real-time multiplayer, town portal, and a fourth world.Enjoy the visceral satisfaction of responsive, fast-paced combat, with spectacular special effects, pleasing sounds, rewarding damage numbers, all set against immersive backdrops and atmospheric, inspiring music scores.Play as a Mage, Warrior or Bounty Hunter, wielding a sword, axe, staff or gun. Level up to learn new abilities and increase your attributes.Battle skeletons, zombies, automatons, aliens, demons, dragons and many other creatures, across three beautifully hand-crafted worlds, or in endless generated levels.Venture into dark caves and dungeons, explore forests, villages and graveyards, lay siege to demon controlled castles, brave snowy mountain peaks, travel to the moon to slay strange creatures among craters and canyons, and beyond, to the deserts, pyramids and jungles of the red planet.Open treasure chests to loot gold, gemstones and battle gear. Equip shiny breastplates, menacing helmets and hoods, spiked shoulder pads, mysterious cloaks or capes. Protect yourself with a shield, or choose to wield two weapons as a warrior.Rescue your tank, healer and ranger companions who will join you in battle. Use their abilities together with yours to create rewarding and powerful tactical combos.Experience a refreshing storyline, filled with interplanetary intrigue and seasoned with funny characters. Hunt your arch-enemy, Ragadam, across the worlds, while trying to uncover and undo his twisted plans.Progress from common to rare, epic and legendary gear. Find gemstones that fit in your armor’s sockets. Craft socketed rings and amulets, and fuse three of them into a higher quality one.Unleash awesome offensive abilities, such as Whirlwind, Shockwave, Arc Lightning or Blizzard, control the enemy crowd with Frost Nova, Vortex, Silence, or sneak and assassinate with Smokescreen, Traps and Snipe.Each hero class has access to about 20 abilities (skills or spells), and each of your three companions has four more. The game starts simple, but culminates in a flurry of tactical possibilities at high levels.Once your hero reaches level 70, your experience points go into Champion Levels, which are unlimited and yield steady stat upgrades. Champion Levels are also inherited by your new heroes, so they will have an easier time growing up.Aside from the three story acts, an endless progression of beautiful, randomly generated levels awaits in the Trials of Valor game mode.Eternium is crafted with passion by a small band of old-school RPG fans, who love making the game they always wanted to play.

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Full Specifications

Download Infomation

Size 104.9MB
Version 1.5.5
Version Code 1005005
Lang af am ar az az-AZ be bg bn bn-BD ca cs da de el en en-AU en-GB en-IN en-PH en-US es es-AR es-BO es-CL es-CO es-CR es-CU es-DO es-EC es-GT es-GY es-HN es-HT es-MX es-NI es-PA es-PE es-PR es-PY es-SV es-US es-UY es-VE et et-EE eu eu-ES fa fi fr fr-CA ga gl gl-ES gu gu-IN ha he hi hr hu hy hy-AM id ig in is is-IS it iw ja ka ka-GE kk kk-KZ km-KH kn kn-IN ko ky-KG lo-LA lt lv mk mk-MK ml ml-IN mn-MN mr mr-IN ms ms-MY my-MM nb ne-NP nl pa pa-IN pl pt pt-BR pt-PT ro ru si-LK sk sl sq-AL sr sv sw ta ta-IN te te-IN th tl tr uk ur ur-PK uz-UZ vi yo zh zh-CN zh-HK zh-SG zh-TW zu
Permission Text OTHER:
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows an application to collect battery statistics
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Allows an application to modify global audio settings.
Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to open network sockets.

Operation Systems

Min Sdk 14
Min Sdk Txt Android 4.0、4.0.1、4.0.2 (ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH)
Target Sdk 29
Target Sdk Txt 29
Multi Window No
Supports Screens normal, large, xlarge
Cpu armeabi-v7a
Open Gl Int 0
Supports Any Density Yes
Densities 160, 240, 480, 65534

User Features

Uses Feature Touchscreen hardware features:
The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.
Uses implied Feature The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.#:


Md5 D936B8959321139FF8A164DF8D2A300F
Signature 0950D61DF8FD5B0A78E0095EF6519A5783BDBD44
Sha256 B4F5373F29C0CA39C7FEF118B89CF0748CFF9853EEC27B5796C9566A81F3F23F
Valid From Thu Sep 20 21:35:00 CEST 2018 until: Wed Nov 11 20:35:00 CET 2048
Serial Number 70d51034


Developer 5play.ru
Organization 5play.ru";i:5;s:31:"Issuer: CN=5play.ru
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  • countries: MD  os: android 8.1.0   device: HUAWEI DRA-L21

    2020-06-19 22:20:58version:1.4.54


  • countries: ID  os: android 7.0   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    2020-06-03 08:24:39version:1.4.43

    tolong dong di upgrade lagi, versi yg lama gak bisa masuk, di suruh upgrade di playstore

  • countries: CN  os: android 8.1.0   device: smartisan DE106

    2020-05-14 04:21:30version:1.4.54

    Very useful

  • countries: US  os: android 7.0   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    2020-05-09 23:11:10version:1.4.54

    great.. infinite coins & gems..

  • countries: ID  os: android 9   device: OPPO CPH1931

    2020-04-19 05:12:48version:1.4.43

    bagus tapi gems nya di unlimited ya

  • countries: US  os: android 10   device: Google Pixel 4 XL

    2020-04-16 22:58:40version:1.4.52

    works like a charm

  • countries: US  os: android 9   device: OPPO CPH1819

    2020-04-11 08:18:12version:1.4.52

    Works like a gem! Unlimited gems for my Warrior. Helps to expedite my experience and growth. completed the game and my Warrior is at Champion Level 39 now. This comes after the normal level ups (Level 69, Level 70). Ragadam is nowhere in this story. Sivari is the last villain you fight in the Story Mode for noe. The old guy will inform that he "will inform you when his mage finds Ragadam".You can repeat your game in "Heroic" mode to increase your experience. Overall , I enjoyed playing the game thanks to HappyMod!!!!

  • countries: US  os: android 8.1.0   device: WALTON Primo H8

    2020-04-07 00:52:25version:1.4.48

    this mod is good

  • countries: ID  os: android 5.1.1   device: OPPO F1f

    2020-04-06 15:31:57version:1.4.51

    kekurangan nya ngak bisa di kaitkan akunnya

  • countries: ES  os: android 9   device: HUAWEI ALP-L09

    2020-04-05 06:35:43version:1.4.51


  • countries: US  os: android 8.1.0   device: vivo vivo 1726

    2020-04-01 23:00:09version:1.4.48

    This works

  • countries: IT  os: android 10   device: samsung SM-N770F

    2020-03-30 21:24:09version:1.4.43


  • countries: IT  os: android 9   device: samsung SM-G955F

    2020-03-20 00:39:16version:1.4.48

    Non aspettavo altro che i rubini.

  • countries: US  os: android 10   device: samsung SM-G970U

    2020-03-06 18:44:33version:1.4.16


  • countries: GR  os: android 9   device: samsung SM-A105F

    2020-02-16 22:30:14version:1.4.43

    δεν μου εβαλε διαμαντια

  • countries: US  os: android 6.0.1   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    2020-02-15 07:43:18version:1.4.43

    i gave you 5 stars rate, happymod! love it! TQ

  • countries: FR  os: android 5.1.1   device: samsung SM-J320FN

    2020-01-14 16:14:08version:1.4.38


  • countries: ID  os: android 6.0.1   device: samsung SM-G532G

    2020-01-04 04:12:43version:1.4.38


  • countries: MY  os: android 8.0.0   device: HUAWEI LDN-LX2

    2019-11-09 01:30:01version:1.4.38

    the best in the wolrd.. gems please

  • countries: US  os: android 8.1.0   device: ZTE Z559DL

    2019-10-22 12:41:08version:1.4.36

    Love this game & the mod addition.

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  • user:agni5777  countries: IN   os: android 7.0   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    2020-06-16 12:29:55

    pls make it unlimited germs also . I really want to play this game

  • user:akarams  countries: GB   os: android 9   device: HUAWEI JSN-L22

    2020-06-07 15:48:49

    Please man update the game Please man update the game Please man update the game

  • user:Harun-Taupik  countries: ID   os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

    2020-04-15 06:02:38

    tolong dong poin kosmetik nya juga di mod masa cuam ruby dan gold

  • user:bapakmunakal  countries: ID   os: android 8.1.0   device: OPPO CPH1901

    2020-03-27 11:00:36

    update please ..

  • user:lvkcydrsigys  countries: ID   os: android 8.1.0   device: vivo vivo 1816

    2020-02-08 22:28:58

    pleaseee....add unlimited gems/diamonds/rubies... dont just unlimited gold... so... the app will be unlimited golds and unlimited gems/diamonds/rubies

  • user:jagoloya  countries: AU   os: android 5.1.1   device: asus ASUS_X013D

    2020-01-03 23:30:48

    Please Make Mod Gem, Its Hard To Grind For Gem Its Easy To Grind For Money In THIS Game Please

  • user:ngurahgede  countries: ID   os: android 9   device: OPPO CPH1923

    2019-11-26 18:48:02

    Mod gem nya dong please

  • user:jorjaismen  countries: US   os: android 7.1.1   device: motorola Moto E (4) Plus

    2019-11-14 08:49:46

    mod gemas porfa nsjsjnsvdjsbsbdbdndbddjsindhdjsnnfjff

  • user:zzeksoN  countries: RS   os: android 8.1.0   device: Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

    2019-11-11 23:31:41

    Can you update Eternium so we can have unlimited gems, not just coins? It's important. I could do it few updates before, but now I can't do anything. Pls. Thanks!

  • user:GustiAyw2  countries: ID   os: android 9   device: vivo vivo 1904

    2019-11-09 19:05:05

    sir .. please mod early work 100% .. mod money .. mod gems .. mod damage etc .. please .. one more againts .. hack game rise of kingdom please .. not hack game .. please hack game rise of kingdom sir .. thanks

  • user:bimhoHM  countries: BR   os: android 8.1.0   device: samsung SM-J710MN

    2019-11-05 05:41:30


  • user:kevenis  countries: CO   os: android 8.1.0   device: HUAWEI CAG-L23

    2019-11-05 04:43:12

    quiero un mob donde porfavor allá rubíes inlimitados compras gratis

  • user:Ivanpro756  countries: US   os: android 9   device: samsung SM-J400F

    2019-11-04 21:24:36

    plzzz rubies thats the important one cause you can buy gold with rubies plz rub8es and make it fast

  • user:russellperalta  countries: PH   os: android 6.0.1   device: samsung SM-G532G

    2019-11-02 06:44:20

    please make it unlimited gem please gem is more important than money in this game

  • user:myosettun  countries: US   os: android 8.1.0   device: TECNO MOBILE LIMITED TECNO KA7O

    2019-11-01 16:52:57

    need gems hack plz show everybody your hacking skill

  • user:death9fc  countries: BR   os: android 8.0.0   device: samsung SM-A720F

    2019-10-30 13:08:32

    mod de ruby desatualizado... pfv atualizem...........

  • user:taufik48  countries: ID   os: android 8.0   device: samsung SM-G965F

    2019-10-26 01:48:38

    update please mod all unlimited gold, gems etc............:(

  • user:sunnyside0  countries: US   os: android 9   device: samsung SM-G960U

    2019-10-23 17:43:23

    can you make an update where you get both unlimited gold/gems that would be awesome

  • user:migail  countries: ZA   os: android 6.0.1   device: samsung SM-G532F

    2019-10-21 20:49:07

    gems plz676554444433333222221 I need gems not mony

  • user:gabriel_41  countries: AR   os: android 8.0.0   device: motorola Moto Z2 Play

    2019-10-20 08:14:34

    ajsjjdjdjbdjlsnddjsjzbdjsjksjjdjsjjsdsjusussujsjs actualización 1.4.36


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